Mid-South Television Title

Krusher Khrushchev  84/05/02  Shreveport, LA
  * Defeats Terry Taylor in tournament final; Magnum T.A. pins
    Khrushcev in 84/05, but a groggy referee gives the title medal
    to the wrong person.
Terry Taylor   84/06/16  New Orleans, LA
Adrian Street   84/09/26  Shreveport, LA
Bill Dundee   84/11/07  Shreveport, LA
Buddy Landell   84/12/15  Shreveport, LA
Terry Taylor [2]  85/01/02  Shreveport, LA
  * Vacant on 85/03/13 when Taylor wins North American Heavyweight Title.
Snowman (Eddie Crawford) 85/05/08  Shreveport, LA
  * Defeats Jake Roberts in a tournament final.
Dutch Mantell   85/07/10  Shreveport, LA
Butch Reed   85/07/22  Shreveport, LA
  * Vacant on 85/10/14 when Reed wins North American Heavyweight Title.
Jake Roberts   86/01/01  Tulsa, OK
  * Defeats Dick Slater in tournament final.
Dick Slater   86/02/28  Houston, TX
  * Title renamed UWF World Television Title in 86/03.

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