Bill Watts - Loved it! vg video quality ...includes the best hour in wrestling tv history
Paul Orndorff - Very good! ex. video quality
Bob Orton Jr. - short answers, but still solid. g vq
Ted Dibiase - Awesome!!!!! video quality is not very good, but this shoot is the best!!!!
Jake "The Snake" Roberts - Good - no holds barred...g video quality
Hacksaw Jim Duggan - OHHHHHHHHHHHHH ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Buddy Landell - Awesome! You won't believe how close he was to becoming champ g video quality
Jack Victory - Very Good - great video quality
Tully Blanchard - Loved it! vg video quality.. includes the I Quit Match vs Magnum TA
Dusty Rhodes - Very Good - g video quality
Arn Anderson - very good, keeps kayfabe
Terry Taylor - low sound, great stories
Barry Windham - Awesome!!!! So much better than I would have ever dreamed.  vg quality
Terry Funk - Great!!! He's super likable Great Hardcore Matches are included vg video quality
Dutch Mantel - one of the best storytellers. g vq I wish this shoot was 8 hours long
Rob Van Dam - from 97. great matches from pre-ECW included.
RF Video Shoot -  ECW behind the curtain
Sandman 1/2 - both are very good. vg. video quality
Abdullah the Butcher - Very Good - He puts a quarter in his forehead scar!!!!!!vg video quality
Ricky Morton - Very Good - g video quality
Greg Valentine - Pretty Good - vg video quality
Eddie Gilbert - Very Entertaining - Short/Poor Quality
Ricky Steamboat - Very Good - Everyone in the business considers him the best ever. g video quality
Don Muraco - Very Good - g video quality
Iron Shiek - Funny - vg video quality
Jim Cornette 97 ??? - Funny - g video quality
Jim Cornette 2001 - 8hrs Great!!!!!!
Jimmy Hart - Great!!!!!
Honky Tonk Man - Very Good Shoot
Bam Bam Bigelow - 8hrs Very Good
Ball Mahony -
Al Snow -
Ivan Koloff - Entertaining - vg video quality
Bobby Heenan - Very funny - vg video quality
Bushwackers - Entertaining- vg video quality
Bobby Eaton - World's nicest wrestler? - g video
Larry Zbyskzo - Entertaining -
Captain Lou Albano - Funny & Entertaining, very likable - master copy
Virgil - ??? He's different.  I think he thinks we are all idiots
Missy Hyatt - I no longer think she's hot
Missy & Sunny - Missy's going downhill
Kristi Myst - Oh la la!!!! Done topless.  How can you loose? Tracking is off in spots, but it doesn't matter!!
Bobby Fulton - some great stories, Von Erichs, more
Kevin Sullivan - lots of booking insight vg quality
Shawn Micheals - very entertaining.  I've added the Hell in the Cell & Montreal Screwjob matches to this
Terry Gordy - Very sad!!!! This was not long before his death. 
Jerry Lawler - Very good stuff
Wahoo McDaniel - have not watched yet
Bret Hart - have not watched yet
My shoot video's have varying video quality as noted.
I have enjoyed them all.  The worst quality is in the Eddie Gilbert tape, but I thouroughly enjoyed it.
The match quality on the shoots is normally worse
than the interview itself.
Shoot Interviews