Mid-South Masters
These are perfect quality videos from the Watts family at www.universalwrestling.com
Mid-South Masters #40 TV Show

Produced: June 23, 1983
Announcers: Boyd Pearce & Bill Watts

Akbar Kamala vs. Bill Mercer
Joe Stark vs Butch Reed
Highlight from MSW-196
Highlight from MSW 195
Highlight from MSW 197
Junk Yard Dog vs. Boob Roop
Mil Mascaras vs. Super D
Tim Horner vs. Tony Zane
Produced: June 30, 1983

Announcers: Boyd Pearce & Bill Watts

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Bob Roop
Art Crews vs. Rip Rogers
Johnny Rich vs. Hacksaw Butch Reed
Joe Stark vs. King Kong Bundy
Junk Yard Dog & Hacksaw Duggan vs. Dibiase & Mr. Olympia
Magnum T.A vs. Arn Anderson
George Weingroff vs. Tony Zane
House Show Footage #3

Magnum TA vs Ted Dibiase - Bloody NA Title Match - AWESOME MATCH ****
Magnum TA vs Ted Dibiase - another Bloody NA Title Match
Dusty Rhodes & Hacksaw Duggan vs Butch Reed & Herc Hernandez
House Show Footage #64

Ted Dibiase vs Jake Roberts from 1985 Wrestlefest
Butch Reed vs Dutch Mantel from 1985 Wrestlefest
Duggan, Murdoch & Watts vs Akbar, Zambui & Kamala at Wrestlefest
plus some TV matches with Doc, Perez, Cooley & more
Mid-South Masters #27 TV Show
Produced: December 30, 1982
Announcers: "Cowboy" Bill Watts
1982 Year End Wrestling highlights
Kimala " The Ugandan Warrior"
10-1-82 Houston, TX: Andre The Giant, Junk Yard Dog, Mil Mascarez vs. Killer Kahn, Tully Blanchard, Georgous Gino Hernandez
10-15-82 Gino Hernandez vs. Mil Mascarez the last 30 seconds
10-27-82 Shreveport, LA: Paul Bosch & "Cowboy" Biull Watts Discuss the Mid-South tag team championship
Junk Yard Dog & Mr. Olympia vs. Ted dibiase & Matt Borne (Hacksaw Jim Duggan Interferes as a gorilla from the crowd)
11-6-82 Shreveport, LA: Ted Dibiase vs. Stagger Lee
11-6-82 Shreveport, LA: Bob Stabler vs. Tony Atlas (Hacksaw Jim Duggan interferes & chalenges Tony to a push up contest)
12-11-82 " " " : Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tony Atlas (The Rat Pack interferes)
12-18-82 " " " : Mr. Wrestling II vs. Kimala "The Ugandan Warrior"
12-18-82 " " " : Stagger Lee & Mr. Olympia vs. Ted Dibiase & Matt Borne
12-10-82 Houston, TX : Tully Blanchard vs. Mr. Wrestling II
12-10-82 " " " : Stagger Lee, Chavo Guererro & Tony Atlas vs. Matt Borne, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Ted Dibiase (Mr. Wrestling II Interferes)
House Show Footage  #14

  Krusher Kruschev vs. Mike Davis
Billy Jack vs. Larry Brower
Whatley & Hamilton vs. Kent & Red Menace
Kerry Von Erik vs. Ted Dibiase
Rock n Roll Express vs. Midnite Express (Scaffold Match)
Rock n Roll Express vs. Midnite Express (Straight Jacket Match)
House Show Footage #33

   Produced: 2-10 to 2-24-1985
"Hacksaw" Butch Reed & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Kamala & Hercules Hernandez
Ted Dibiase vs. Brad Armstrong
Rock n Roll Express vs. Midnite Express
These House Show matches are raw footage from the arena.  Only clips of these were shown on tv, so you've probably never seen them.  Almost all of these are complete matches with just the crowd sound.  You'll feel like you were right there.  Great stuff & perfect quality