Luke Graham's
Galaxy Championship Wrestling
These pictures are from Saturday May 25, 2002 in Little Rock, AR.  Thanks to Luke Graham Jr. for the hospitality and great show.  Keep up the super work.  I'll be back soon.
Even after a tough battle in the ring,  Luke Jr. poses with a fan.
Luke Graham Jr. comes ready for battle.
Koko B. Ware batters Luke Jr. with the Coal Miner's Glove.
Luke Jr. wins the War!
Koko takes his loss out on the refs.
The outstanding tag team of Ken Wayne & Treach Phillips Jr. come to the ring.
Brickhouse Brown & Young Kevin Douglas come up a bit short against the crafty vets.
Ken Wayne, Midsouthfan & Luke Graham Jr.
After a great night of wrestling and about 4 hours of awesome stories we bid our farewells.
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