Superdome Extravaganza 7/76
July 17, 1976 in New Orleans, LA  17,000 ($75,000)

Pat Barrett pinned Tom Jones.

Ted DiBiase & Jay Clayton beat Randy Tyler & Bobby Jaggers.

Nelson Royal pinned Ron Starr.

Grizzly Smith beat Sigfried Stanke

Bobo Johnson & Farmer Pete beat Little Tokyo & Billy the Red.

Dick the Bruiser DDQ Abdullah the Butcher.

Andre the Giant & Buck Robley beat Ken Patera & Bob Sweetan
Dick Murdoch beat Karl Kox in a "Jim Bowie death" match. Both men wore hoods.

NWA World Champ Terry Funk TKO Bill Watts.

Superdome Extravaganza 4/78
April 1, 1978 in New Orleans, LA  20,000 ($100,000_

Kurt Von Hess & Sigfried Stanke beat Igor Putski & Rick McGraw.

The Avenger pinned The Turk.

Eric the Red beat Randy Tyler.

Ray Candy beat Skandar Akbar.

Paul Orndorff beat The Brute (Bugsy McGraw).

Steven Littlebear beat The Assassin (Joe Hamilton) via DQ in an "Indian strap" match.

Women's World Tag Champs Vicki Williams & Joyce Grable drew Lelani Kai & Pepper Libanca.

Thunderbolt Patterson beat Stan Hansen to win the Mid-South Brass Knuckles Title.

Mid-South North American Champ Ernie Ladd beat Andre the Giant via DQ.

NWA World Champ Harley Race beat Dusty Rhodes via DQ.
Superdome Extravaganza 7/78
July 22, 1978 in New Orleans, LA  31,000  ($142,675)

Mike George beat The Angel (Frank Morell).

Ron Bass pinned Randy Tyler.

Bobby Jaggers beat Brian Blair.

Jose Lothario beat Jerry Brown.

Wenona Littleheart won a "women's battle royal." Also in the match were: Kitty Adams, Fabulous Moolah, Suzetta Ferrera, Joyce Grable, Lelani Kai, Marie Laverne, Pepper Libianca, Angel Vachon, and Vicki Williams.

Dusty Rhodes beat Billy Graham.

Steven Littlebear & Eric the Red beat The Assassin & The Brute.

Mid-South North American Champ Paul Orndorff beat Bruiser Brody.

Ray Candy pinned Ernie Ladd in a "steel cage" match.

Superdome Extravaganza 12/78
December 25, 1978 in New Orleans, LA ($78,000)
Jim Shields wrestled Bill Irwin.
"European Champ" Karl Von Krupp wrestled Bob Markus.

Jerry Stubbs beat Assassin #1 to win the Louisiana Title.

Ron Bass beat Karl Kox to win Brass Knuckles Title.

Ernie Ladd beat Ray Candy via forfeit to win the North American Title.

Jack & Jerry Brisco beat Terry Latham & Ricky Fields.

Ernie Ladd & Stan Hansen beat The Angel & Gama Singh.

Wahoo McDaniel & Jim Shields beat The Assassins.

Bobby Jaggers & Jerry Brown beat Randy Tyler & Mike George.

Andre the Giant & Dusty Rhodes beat Ron Bass & Ron Slinker.

Ernie Ladd & Stan Hansen beat Jack & Jerry Brisco.

Bobby Jaggers & Jerry Brown beat Wahoo McDaniel & Jim Shields.

Andre the Giant & Dusty Rhodes beat Bobby Jaggers & Jerry Brown.

Andre the Giant & Dusty Rhodes beat Ernie Ladd & Stan Hansen to win the vacant U.S. Tag Team Title. Danny Hodge was the special referee.