RF Video traveled to Arn Anderson’s home to interview the man who has done it all in this business. Arn is one of the most respected wrestlers in and out of the ring. He has wrestled everywhere and almost everyone and now he tells all about his entire career right here. You’ll hear all about the following:

-How he started his career in regional territories.
-What it was like working for the Armstrongs.
-All the info about moving on to Crockett’s NWA
-Forming the original Four Horsemen with Ole Anderson and Ric Flair.
-Learn how Tully Blanchard was added to the Horsemen.
-Lots of info about the Horsemen!!! This is a must for Horsemen fans.
-How and why he got the Anderson name and many stories about Ole.
-The details of winning the television title.
-Feuds against Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A.
-Magnum’s car accident.
-The Great American Bash series -For you Nikita Koloff fans you’ll hear about when Nikita turned babyface and Arn’s feud against him.
-The first Crockett Cup and Wargames.
-NWA/UWF merger and why it didn’t work.
-Different Horsemen groups including when Luger left and Barry Windham joined.
-Final days in the NWA and the feud he was supposed to have against the Midnight Express.
-Get the details on the surprising way Arn and Tully lost the belts to the Midnight Express on their last NWA show in Philly.
-Downfall of the Crockett promotion.
-The WWF and how it was different, what the travel schedule was like and his feud against The Rockers(Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety).
-Comparisons of Vince McMahon to Jim Crockett.
-Return to WCW and his feuds with The Great Muta, Sting, The Steiners and Lex Luger.
-What are his feelings on Ric Flair going to WWF in the 90s and Hulk Hogan going to WCW?
-Go behind the scenes during WCW’s downtime in the 90s.
-Opinions on Jim Herd and Bill Watts including when Watts cut his contract.
-What did Arn think when Nitro started? Did he think it would be good for the business?
-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.
-You’ll get all the details of his injury.
-What are his true feelings about the skit Nash and Hall did on the Four Horsemen?
-Arn takes you inside the final days of WCW and talks about his future.
-All this and much, much more!!! .

Taylor has been through it all not only as on air talent, but behind closed doors inside the WWF and WCW offices. Taylor takes you into the WWF and WCW offices and reveals inside information and stories. Hear about how he went from being touted as a future superstar to the Red Rooster gimmick. From Vince McMahon to the Von Erichs, you’ll hear all about it in this shoot.

- His start in the business.
- Covers Memphis in the early 80s.
- Did he like being a good guy?
- What were Lawler, Jarrett, Gilbert and the rest of the Memphis crew like towards him?
- Details on his transition to Mid-South.
- Stories on Steve Williams, Ted Dibiase, Bill Watts, and others.
- His violent feud vs. The Sheepherders.
- Info on his feud vs. The Freebirds.
- Taylor talks about when he turned heel on Chris Adams.
- Going to World Class.
- What were the Von Erichs like?
- All the details on going to WWF.
- How did Vince McMahon treat him.
- Why was he given the Red Rooster gimmick?
- What did he think about being the Red Rooster?
- Lombardi studio angle.
- Why did he leave WWF?
- Taylor covers his WCW tenure.
- Learn about his role in the York Foundation.
- Reason why he left as a performer.
- Hear about his role in the WCW front office.
- What problems did he have in WCW?
- Taylor takes you with him to the WWF front office.
- Details on WWF’s problems.
- His future.
- How political was WCW?
- Lots more and some of his greatest matches!!! .
Barry Windham

RF Video traveled to Dusty Rhodes’ school in Marietta, Georgia to talk with the man who has been through it all from the first Wrestlemania to the Four Horsemen to Japan to the WWF as Bradshaw’s partner. Here is a look at what Windham talked about: -Being a second-generation wrestler. -Start of career with a lot of talk about Florida. -Near fatal car accident. -How his dad took him to Mid-Atlantic. -Talks about Mid-Atlantic and Dusty Rhodes. -Did his thin build hurt him? -How he got his WWF job. -Lots about his tag team with Mike Rotundo. -All about winning the WWF belts. -Their feud against Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine. -Windham reveals how Rotundo broke down during their run in WWF. -Why did Barry leave WWF? How did he take it? -Going to Florida. -His classic feud against Ric Flair. -Feud against Kevin Sullivan. -What was it like to work with a young Lex Luger and Great Muta? -Wrestling with his father and brother. -His relationship with Magnum T.A. and how he took Magnum’s career ending car wreck. -Hear about when he moved on to NWA. -All the details on his second feud against Flair. -What it was like to work with the Four Horsemen? -Get the scoop on when he turned on Luger and joined the Horsemen. -He talks about being a heel and feuding with Dusty. -He answers why he left the NWA. -Going to WWF as the Widowmaker. -Why did he leave WWF and go to WCW? -Talks about his injuries. -Going to WWF as the Blackjacks with Bradshaw. -You won’t believe the story about when he was shot and how he got the bullet out of his body!!! -Current status in TCW and All Japan. -More plus some of Barry’s best matches!!!.

This is definetly RF Video’s most open and honest interview about the world of professional wrestling. From former original member of the 4 Horsemen to a current day man of God, this real life minister of the ring has had a unique, exciting, and unbelievable career within the squared circle. Tully goes back to yesterday about the days when he was the man in charge of Southwest Wrestling, to stories about the Von Erich’s in Texas, Bill Watts in the Mid-South and others. Hear about the true demise of his tag team partner Gino Hernandez and what he believes was the real cause of his death. Tully also goes back to his early days in the NWA, to the creation of the 4 Horsemen. Hear tons more stories about Flair, Dusty and the rest of the legends from the World-Wide era. Hear about the reasons why he left the NWA for the WWF and the reasons Vince let him go as well. Tully also dives into the darkside of the business with stories of his drug use, which led into his eventual change to the person he is today. Tully has a message for all, and whether you agree or not, you must respect his message because he has seen, done, and overcome all in the ring and out 4hrs


This is RF Video's biggest shoot interview to date. Join the "American Dream" as he shoots about the industry he has been involved with over the last 35 years. From stories about the early days involving the Funks, Superstar Billy Graham, Vince Sr. and more to stories about Vince Jr., the Crocketts and his son Dustin, The Dream has a unique and a one of a kind take on all of these personalities. Hear all about when he became the booker in Florida and his feud with Kevin Sullivan to tons of behind the scenes stories when he took over in the NWA. What really happened when the NWA took over Bill Watts' UWF, and was Dusty satisfied with his "Common Man" character in the WWF? From Flair and Tully, to Hogan, Bischoff and the N.W.O., it is all in here. Find out about Dusty's future, and what the prospects are with his future with ECW. Matches are included as well 4hrs