Wrestling's Real Shoots
Shawn Micheals vs Bret Hart - Montreal Screwjob

TAZZ vs Paul Varlens - Shoot Match from ECW
shoot interview with Tazz about the match

Mass Tansit Incident - Very brutal & sick
news coverage about the incident

Scott Steiner shoots on WCW Nitro

Match from Japan - wrestler gets kicked bigtime in the eye

Jarrett literally lays down for Hogan on Nitro

New Jack Shoot Interview clips about getting stiff
Two very stiff New Jack ECW matches

Manny Fernandez vs Invader - Invader throws up blood

Bruiser Brody vs Lex Luger
Brody gets PO'ed and doesn't sell to Luger

PG-13 vs Madman Pondo & Ox Harley
gets out of hand