Best of World Class Championship Wrestling
Kabuki vs Kamala  5/6/84

Micheal Hayes vs Bruiser Brody

Kerry Von Erich vs Ric Flair  NWA Title

Freebirds & Killer Kahn vs Kabuki, Missing Link & Super Destroyers

Andre the Giant & Iceman Parsons vs The Super Destroyers

Bill & Scott Irwin vs Jules Strongbow & Buck Zumhoffe

Fishman vs Perro Aguayo

Iceman vs Kamala

Terry Gordy vs Killer Kahn  -  Texas Death Bloodbath

Freebirds & Von Erichs vs Steve Williams, Oliver, Kamala, OMG and the Dynamic Duo

Billy Jack vs Rick Rude

Iceman & Brody vs OMG & Mark Lewin

Fantastics vs PYT Express - American Tag Titles

Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs Buddy Roberts & Kelly Kiniski

Rick Rude vs Bruiser Brody

Bruiser Brody vs Terry Gordy - Barbed Wire Match

Plus several other matches.  Many of these matches were never shown in the USA, so there is Japanese announcers.