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Shoot Interviews
I've got a ton of these.  They are my favorite.  Click here for a list and descriptions.
Pay Per Views
ECW - November to Remember 97 master
ECW - Wrestlepolooza 98 master
ECW - Living Dangerously 98 master
WWF - Invasion 2001 master
WWF - Badd Blood master
WWF - King of the Ring 98 master
WWF - King of the Ring 2001 master
WWF - Summerslam 2000 master
WWF - No Way Out 2001 master
WWF - No Way Out master
WWF - Wrestlemania 2000 All Day Access master
WWF - In your house - Breakdown master
WWE - Summerslam - 2002, plus next night RAW
WWE - Survivor Series - 2002 - (5 Title Changes)
          Elimination Chamber - Plus next nights RAW
WWF - Wrestlemania III & IV vg video quality
NWA-TNA - 2-26-03 Dusty & Vader together
NWA-TNA - 3-26-03 Sadistic 8 man Tag
WWF Home Video
all of these are master videos
Jesse "the body" Ventura
Mick Foley - Madman Unmasked
Unforgiven - In your house
Three Faces of Foley
The Rock - Know your role
Eve of Destruction - Amazing Matches 99
Cause Stone Cold Said so
Mid-South Comp. 80-83
Mid-South Comp 1981
Mid-South on TBS 6 of 7 episodes g-vg video
Mid-South Nov.85 - Jan. 86 (Last Shreve. Taping)
Mid-South 84-85 #1 vg quality
Mid-South 84-85 #2
Bill Watts UWF (rf video)
Ultimate Ted Dibiase
ESPN Classics
Mid-South Master #20
Mid-South Master #027 - 1982 Year in Review
Mid-South Masters #40
Mid-South Masters #41
Mid-South Masters #44
Mid-South Masters #45
Mid-South Masters #46
Mid-South Masters $47

Mid- South House Show #3
Mid-South House Show #14
Mid-South House Show #33
Mid-South House Show #64
WWF MSG 7-28-83
WWF MSG 10-17-83
WWF 80's mixed video
Best of Dick Mudoch
1986 Crocket Cup - New Orleans Superdome - vg
Best of Starcade 83-87 - 4hrs VG
Best of WCCW - 4hrs VG
Best of Cactus Jack : The Legend Continues - RF
WWF Raw - Owen Hart Tribute ex
WWE Raw - 10th Anniversary ex
WWE Divas Undressed ex
Best of 80's Wrestling
80's Georgia Championship Wrestling
XPW Hardcore Conception - Master Video
The Best of Wrestling Gold
Beyond the Mat - Master Video
Wrestling Spectacular
Wrestling Real Shoots - video varies
Best of Japanese Hardcore II - Master from PPV
WWF Sex Scandal Controversy
WWF's funniest moments - Master
RPvideo Custom Tape - Awesome!!!! g-vg
Continental Wrestling 88 - g video quality
Classic Pro Wrestling #1
Classic Pro Wrestling #8
Wrestling Vixxens (contains nudity)
Florida 81-82
RF Video's - Bloodiest Matches
Classic 1985 - Mid-South, Memphis, MA, CWF
Wrestling Gold - Vol.1
Misc. Videos
Other safe places to buy and swap Wrestling Videos

Jeremy Chance  http://people.txucom.net/musicman/main.htm

John McAdam

Reggie Parks

John English

Bill Kociaba

Daz Raven - Dazraven@aol.com

Jason Greer
Tape Trading
I'd love to trade for just about any wrestling from the 80's or shoot interviews.

Here are a few rules.

1.  If its our first time you send first.

2.  Dub to a new tape. 

3.  Send priority mail.

4.  Exchange event for event.  So a six hour shoot interview is the same as a 2 hour MSG card.  It's just much more simple that way.