Superdome Extravaganza 6/84 
June 16, 1984 in New Orleans, LA 20,800

Buddy Landel pinned Sonny King.

Mid-South Tag Champ The Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in a "no DQ" match

Mr. Wrestling II (Ray Fernandez) pinned Mr. Wrestling (Johnny Walker) in a "no DQ" match.

World Women's Tag Champs Princess Victoria & Velvet McIntyre beat Wendi Richter & Peggy Lee Leather.

Chris Adams & Stella Mae French beat Jimmy Garvin & Precious when Adams pinned Garvin.

Terry Taylor pinned Krusher Khruschev to win the Mid-South TV Title.

Mid-South North American Champ Magnum TA pinned Ted DiBiase in a "no DQ" match.

Junkyard Dog beat Butch Reed in a "ghetto street fight."

Superdome Extravaganza 11/84
November 22, 1984 in New Orleans, LA 7,500

Hector & Chavo Guerrero beat Master Gee & Brickhouse Brown.

Adrian Street & Miss Linda beat Bill Dundee in a "handicap" match.

Jim Duggan & Butch Reed beat Steve Williams & Ted DiBiase.

Mid-South Tag Champs The Rock-n-Roll Express beat The Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) in a "scaffold" match.

Magnum TA beat Mid-South North American Champ Ernie Ladd via DQ.

Superdome Extravaganza 3/85
March 30, 1985 in New Orleans, LA  9,500($100,00)

Jake Roberts beat Shawn Michaels.

Steve Williams beat Terry Daniels.

Kerry Von Erich beat World Class American Champ Chris Adams via DQ.

Brad Armstrong, Shawn Michaels, & Terry Daniels beat Thor, Edgar Thomas, & Jack Victory when Armstrong pinned Thor.

Nord the Barbarian beat Butch Reed in a "ghetto street fight" match.

Michael Hayes beat Paul Ellering (3:00) via DQ.

The Rock-n-Roll Express beat The Road Warriors, The Dirty White Boys, and The Freebirds (Gordy & Roberts) in a "four corners" match.
The Road Warriors were counted out.
Anthony was pinned.

The Freebirds were DQed.

Mid-South North American Champ Terry Taylor beat Kimala via DQ.

Jim Duggan pinned Ted DiBiase in a "loser leaves town tuxedo street fight coal miner's glove steel cage" match.

Superdome Extravaganza 6/85
June 1, 1985 in New Orleans, LA
The Superdome drawing 11,000 ($98,000)

Dutch Mantel pinned Mark Ragin.

The Nightmare (Randy Colley) pinned Frankie Lane.

Wendell Cooley beat Eddie Gilbert via DQ.

The Barbarian pinned Pat Rose.

Bill Dundee pinned Tom Pritchard.

Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts beat Brad Armstrong & Brickhouse Brown.

Mid-South TV Champ The Snowman (seconded by Muhammad Ali) pinned Jake Roberts.

NWA World Champ Ric Flair pinned Terry Taylor (40:00).

Sgt. Slaughter & Terry Daniels beat The Dirty White Boys in a "boot camp" match.

Mid-South Tag Champs Steve Williams & Ted DiBiase beat The Rock-n-Roll Express.

Jim Duggan DDQ Kimala.