Superdome Extravaganza 7/79
July 21, 1979 in New Orleans, LA

Mike Bowyer beat Ken Lucas (7:30).

John Tolos & Mike George beat Stan Lane & Billy Starr (10:30).

Jerry Oates beat Tank Patton.

Charlie Cook beat Luke Graham (11:06).

Vickie Williams won a "battle royal." Also in the match were: Kitty Adams, Fabulous Moolah, Wenona Littleheart, Cindy Major, Judy Martin, Candy Rich, Toni Rose, Vivian St. John, and Lilly Thomas.

Mike Sharpe beat Ivan Koloff (12:00).

Angelo Mosca beat Paul Orndorff.

Dusty Rhodes beat Karl Kox (9:00).

Mid-South North American Champ Mr. Wrestling II beat Ernie Ladd.

Mid-South Louisiana Tag Champs Bill Watts & Buck Robley beat The Assassin & The Angel in a "steel cage" match to win the Mid-South U.S. Tag Title.

Superdome Extravaganza 8/80
August 2, 1980 in New Orleans, LA  26,000 ($183,000)

Terry Latham beat Tommy Wright (9:15).

Terry Orndorff & Mike Miller beat Johnny Mantell & Ron Cheatham (12:00).

King Cobra beat Frank Dusek (10:15).

The Assassin beat Steven Little Bear (12:00).

Ray Candy beat Killer Khan (9:47).

The Grappler beat Wahoo McDaniel (11:00) via DQ.

Paul Orndorff beat Ken Mantell (14:00).

Andre the Giant beat Hulk Hogan (13:00).

Mid-South North American Champ Ted DiBiase beat Mr. Wrestling II (14:00).

Dusty Rhodes & Buck Robley beat Buddy Roberts & Terry Gordy (5:00) in a "double bullrope" match.

Junkyard Dog beat Michael Hayes (9:00) in a "steel cage dog collar" match.

Superdome Extravaganza 11/80
November 27, 1980 in New Orleans, LA

Cocoa Samoa beat Mike Miller (10:00).

Jimmy Garvin beat Terry Latham (6:00).

Ray Candy & Wahoo McDaniel beat The Turk & The Mexican Angel (7:07).

Mid-South Louisiana Champ Jake Roberts beat Paul Ellering (13:00).

Ted DiBiase beat The Super Destroyer (15:00) via DQ.

Dusty Rhodes beat Ivan Koloff (10:46).

Junkyard Dog & Bill Watts beat Ernie Ladd & Leroy Brown (15:00).

Mid-South North American Champ The Grappler beat Karl Kox (11:00).

Ernie Ladd beat Paul Orndorff in a "lights out" match.