Superdome Extravaganza 4/83
April 16, 1983 in New Orleans, LA 21,400

Art Crews beat Kelly Kiniski.

Chavo Guerrero beat Bill Irwin.

Butch Reed beat Black Ninja (Kendo Nagasaki).

King Kong Bundy beat Tim Horner.

Kerry & David Von Erich beat The Freebirds (Gordy & Roberts).

Andre the Giant pinned Kimala.

Mid-South Tag Champs Mr. Olympia & Ted DiBiase beat Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway, Jr.

Junkyard Dog pinned Mr. Olympia in a "steel cage" match to win the held-up Mid-South North American Title.

Superdome Extravaganza 7/83
July 16, 1983 in New Orleans, LA

Johnny Rich beat Rip Rogers.

George Weingroff beat Art Crews.

Magnum TA beat Buzz Sawyer via DQ.

Iceman Parsons beat Buddy Roberts.

Mil Mascaras & Tim Horner beat Mr. Olympia & Boris Zhurkov.

Mr. Wrestling II pinned Larry Zbysko. Wrestling II was billed as the Georgia National Champ, but in fact, Zbysko was the champ and had had the belt stolen from him by Wrestling II.

Tommy Rich beat Kimala.

King Kong Bundy KO Dusty Rhodes in a "taped fist" match.

Butch Reed beat Junkyard Dog in three falls to win the Mid-South North American Title.
JYD was DQed.
Reed was DQed.
Reed pinned JYD.

Jim Duggan beat Ted DiBiase in a "lights out" match.

Superdome Extravaganza 11/83
November 19, 1983 in New Orleans, LA  8,000

Dusty Rhodes DCO Nikolia Volkoff.

Kerry Von Erich pinned Missing Link.

David Von Erich beat Kimala via countout.

The Road Warriors beat Mr. Wrestling II & Magnum TA.

Mid-South North American Champ Junkyard Dog beat Butch Reed.

Superdome Extravaganza 4/84
"The Last Stampede"
April 7, 1984 in New Orleans, LA 23,000

John King beat Joe Savoldi.

Tom Zenk beat Jerry Grey.

Buddy Landel beat Lanny Poffo.

The Rock-n-Roll Express beat Nikolia Volkoff & The Russian Invader (Jerry N

Kerry Von Erich beat Masao Ito.

Terry Taylor beat Butch Reed via DQ.

Mid-South Tag Champs The Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) beat Porkchop Cash & Bill Dundee.

Mid-South North American Champ Mr. Wrestling II beat Magnum TA.

Jim Duggan pinned Krusher Kruschev in a "roulette coal miner's glove" match.

Stagger Lee (Junkyard Dog) & Bill Watts wrestled The Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) in a "lights out" match.